arthezoo @ remedy magz #7

Remedy magazine celebrating creative arts and ethics...

Remedy magazine is dedicated to showcasing the best talents within creative arts from across the globe. Remedy gives anyone with a creative background the opportunity to promote their work on an international stage, in our digital magazine of inspiration.

But that's not all, it is actually remedy’s ethos that makes it so incredible and is the driving force behind the project:

Remedy magazine believes that it is a remedy, it’s a breath of fresh air within a fame hungry world that promotes size 0 and produces ‘role model’ celebrities with no actual talent. The scary thing is there are an alarming number of young people today who look up to these celebrities and want to follow in their footsteps.
Remedy wants to encourage the new generation to look at their own talents and be inspired by it and others around them, Remedy only promote those who have done, or are working towards doing something positive with their time.

Featuring: Fashion, music, design, art, culture and lifestyle.

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